Bookjoy, Wordjoy

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Lee & Low Books | ISBN 978 1620142868


Pat Mora’s playful, enchanting poetry invites us all to experience the excitement of reading and writing, while captivating illustrations by Raúl Colón interpret the magic of the verses. Together the poems and artwork are sure to create bookjoy and wordjoy in readers and writers of all ages.

Drawn from Mora’s experience as an educator, author, and literacy advocate, Bookjoy, Wordjoy is a collection of poems that encourage children to find imagination, play, and power in the literature they read. Poems vary in style and incorporate both English and Spanish, celebrating the linguistic diversity of today’s readers.

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Pat Mora, Author

Vivid illustrations by Pura Belpré Award winner Raúl Colón bring the poems to life, interpreting the power of language in a style influenced by Mexican painter, Rufino Tamayo.

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Raúl Colón, Illustrator


As with poetry books, readers have favorites. Books and Me, Happy Visits, and Antelope Canyonare three that I especially enjoy. The first two of these mix in a Spanish word or two. Though I was hoping for more. Six of fourteen poems have only a sprinkle of Spanish terms and words of interjection that draw my attention as a parent of bilingual children and as a language educator. Perhaps I anticipate a bilingual children’s book such as this one to have a more equal amount of vocabulary in both languages. It would be an even more fun word play.

Colón’s illustrations are beautifully creative and colorful, adding to the imaginative play with words. In particular, Collective Words gives readers a fun example of combining language with art. How does a word, its letters, look like? Hmm…

Bookjoy, Wordjoy, another fun and creative way to word play.

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Chief Culturist at Sententia Vera, LLC | Cultural Bilingual Communication | Mothering 5 Bicultural Souls

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