Recent conversations at Sententia Vera Cultural Hub have been around the identity of “the Hub”. Hill Country residents, professionals, and visitors come in with inquiring looks on their faces, which I enjoy meeting as it is a perfect segue to start a conversation and a great way to meet new people and experience our growing community. The predominant question is, “what can I do here?”

The SV Cultural Hub was born out of a desire to get out of the home office and into a commercial space in which to grow a consulting business and truly be a part of the community. For over sixteen years, Sententia Vera, LLC was a home-based business offering bilingual marketing collateral, literary translations, and cultural book sales. In the search for commercial space, the green building, formerly known as Sunset Canyon Pottery, was up for sale. The idea of a cultural hub started to percolate as the vision for creating a professional community hub in which to support freelancers, self-employed, creatives, and commuter professionals began to brew.

A year later, I was the owner of a vibrant green building, taking its creative energy and sculpting it into a community space in which to house a coworking space, meeting rooms, coffee bar, and bookshop. Sententia Vera Cultural Hub opened in August 2017. What can you do here? You can create and grow personally and professionally by joining its membership. Membership has the flexibility freelancers, creatives, and commuter professionals need, from day memberships to monthly and annual memberships, there is flexibility for anyone.

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Sententia Vera Cultural Hub

CoWorking + Meeting Rooms

SV Cultural Hub also hosts public events, workshops, social gatherings, professional networking & conferences, trainings, and speaker sessions. Often, these events are free, others require an admission fee, while others may ask for a nominal donation. Visit the Hub Event Calendar at and check out the diverse offerings, from Unplugged Game Nights and Painting in Community to Coffee, Crafting & Conversation and an Emerging Writers Group.

Coffee + Meetings

If your event requires space, such as a training classroom, a conference boardroom or a private room, then reserve one of the Hub’s Meeting Rooms at an affordable hourly rate.

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Dulce CulturaLit Children’s Book Box Subscription

Indie Bookshop + Book Club

The Hub is proud to be part of Las Comadres and Friends National Latino Book Club, a book club that promote the work of Latina authors to every book lover in support of cultural writers. Book club membership is open to everyone, selected monthly titles are in English, brewing with Latino culture, and at times contain bilingual text.

Equally delightful, are the Texas Hill Country artists that have come in with their creative pieces. Photographers, pottery artists, jewelers, painters and more, have come in to consign their wares. You are welcomed to look at the growing stock of handmade treasures.

A Community Hub that Values the Honor System

The Hub is a culturist, cooperative space that is all your own, you become part of a collaborative of professionals and coffee aficionados caring for a space to make it collectively successful, while cultivating your mind and body.

Written by

Chief Culturist at Sententia Vera, LLC | Cultural Bilingual Communication | Mothering 5 Bicultural Souls

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