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In a teenage angst of fury, one of my teens yelled, “Why do you have to work!?!” I didn’t answer at the time as I knew that it was a rhetorical question, if at all. I don’t even remember what the angst was about, perhaps I couldn’t give him a ride somewhere.., I don’t know, although I dare believe that working wasn’t even related to the subject of such a stressful discourse.

However, the question remained in mind and I’d like to offer him and his siblings their mother’s reasons for pursuing a professional career. I share it on social media so that they happen upon it and simply take it in.

10. To be financially independent.

09. To afford a comfortable home, and all that it entails, and healthy meals for you, my children.

08. To afford extracurricular sports, hobbies, and music lessons for you, my children.

07. Waldorf Education.

06. To provide a forever home to our menagerie of rescue pets — Samantha, Elvis, Lewis & Clark, Franci, Charlie, and Giggy thus far, as well as our foster pets on their way to their forever home.

05. Because being a teacher is not what I do, it’s who I am.

04. Because I am committed to advocating for all women and girls.

03. Because I value diverse and inclusive communities.

02. Because I value multiculturalism and respect all languages and cultures.

01. Because it is a priority to be of service.

Share your top reason for being a working mother and add #whyiwork.

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Chief Culturist at Sententia Vera, LLC | Cultural Bilingual Communication | Mothering 5 Bicultural Souls

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